Title:  Uncertainty, reliability, and Probabilistic Modeling of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines (NSF award #1700406)

Offshore Wind Energy & Uncertainties

Significant amount of offshore wind resources in Unite State is available in deep water where the current fixed type offshore wind turbine (OWT) is no longer feasible. Floating offshore wind turbine (FOWT) has been considered as one of the most promising alternatives to access the massive energy resources with more available space and less restrictions and regulations. However, analysis of floating offshore wind turbine involves large uncertainties due to the nature of the ocean environments and hydrodynamic calculations involving empirical parameters, in addition to the uncertainties in the structural and mechanical systems, which threaten the reliability and the feasibility of FOWT.

Research Objectives 

(1) to understand the uncertainties existed in the FOWT
(2) to predict the structural behavior and life-cycle structural reliability of FOWT, (3) to obtain safety factors for structural design of FOWT that uniquely considers uncertainties and coupled dynamics of aerodynamics of the wind turbine and hydrodynamics of the floating body under extreme environmental loads which U.S. ocean is subject to.

Industrial Partners

The industrial partners for this project are listed as following :

VL Offshore LLC

BARR Engineering

Task s(Year 1)



Task II (Year 2) : Probabilistic Structural Demand Models


Task III (Year 3) : Life-cycle Fragility and Determination of Safety Factors