Dr Choe’s courses taught(eCourse links below require PVAMU ID to access)

  • Dynamics of Offshore Structures (GNEG 5193 Special topic): Planned in Fall 2020
  • Applied Reliability Engineering (GNEG 5193 Special topic)
  • Finite Element Analysis (CVEG 5173)
  • Steel Design (CVEG 3083)
  • Structural Analysis (CVEG 3073)
  • Engineering Mechanics (CVEG 2043): Fall 2017 
  • Mechanics of Materials (CVEG 2063)

Dr Choe’s educational and outreach objectives are:

(1) to educate current and future workforces equipped with twenty-first-century skills and to attract more workforces from under-represented group in the area of the sustainable/renewable energy research,

(2) to expose PVAMU students to research and real-world industrial work, and

(3) to bring prepared of students to PVAMU through the pipeline from local high school and community college and to send PVAMU undergraduate and graduate students to M.S.  and Ph.D program.