Dr. Doeun Choe and her research group is located at Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Prairie View A&M University, a member of Texas A&M University System.

Our goal is to enhance our knowledge on the uncertainties and the reliability of the structures in order to enhance the resilience of our structures (buildings, bridges, and other facilities that supports the human’s basic and critical needs) safe from natural and man-made hazard,  so that we help enhancing the sustainability of our society. 

We research structural problems for sustainability :

  • Structural reliability & risk under extreme loading conditions such as earthquakes, fires and blasts, and severe winds.
  • Life-cycle structural  reliability of aging structures such as corrosion

We research the above topics for:

  • Offshore wind turbines
  • Reinforced Concrete (RC) bridges
  • Steel buildings

We trust the followings for our research:

  • Experimental data
  • Analytical results with quality computation and mathematics
  • Advanced statistical methods such as Bayesian framework and more